Thursday, August 24, 2017

And the settling into the new house saga continues

3 days of partial day's work by the handyman crew.

Day 1:

- They successfully uncovered the window that had been drywalled over and started patching the wall around it. Window is in excellent shape surprisingly.
- Fixed gate latch that didn't work well.
- Filled holes in firewall in garage. Noted that we also need to replace the pull down attic stairs as they do not currently offer firewall protection and are installed backwards. A new item on list for the future sigh.

Yesterday's program:

Handyman company schedules workers to arrive at 9am. Forget to call and tell you that they have been rescheduled to 1pm. You miss a meeting really wanted to go to. Call and say they will be there at 2pm. Show up at 2:15.

They do excellent work. So now:

- The uncovered window is framed with nicely textured and sealed drywall.
- The garage door has an automatic closer as required and opens without kicking it.
- The guest room closet doors actually move smoothly with a new track in place.
- The French doors between living room and study will close without kicking them.
- The front door has new weatherstripping but the back door does not until they can figure out what to do.
- The non-working bath fan has been removed and the size of the opening changed. I think some wiring changes were made too.
- Determined that the recirculating pump under the other bath sink was programmed wrong and when that was corrected that it overheats quickly. Now unplugged.

Today's plan (we'll see if it happens):

- Show up at some yet to be determined time. This time I will call and find out.
- Install bath fan.
- Bring company owner by to figure out how to fix weather seal on back door.

And then, my chores:

- Clean house thoroughly before son and DIL arrive to visit on Friday afternoon. Lots of drywall sanding dust coating everything.

Just reminded me how ready I am for home repairs/improvements related to moving to be over with! We still have a water system to install as well as finding shutters for the "uncovered" window and getting that room repainted. Then we will take a break on all of this before fixing those attic stairs in the garage and remodeling the guest bath.


  1. This all reminds me of our move and home improvements last year. You need to keep up the momentum and energy to get through and one day you can crack open the wine, sit back and admire your efforts.
    Savour every tiring and trying moment!

    1. The wine has already appeared! Yesterday afternoon in fact LOL. Thanks for the encouragement as it has been a more than year long journey so far what with preparing the previous house to sell and so on.


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