Sunday, July 2, 2017

Working our way through the rest of the new house list

Working on two of my Summer bucket list items:

19. Finish furnishing and decorating our new home. We need den furniture and shelves for displaying decorative items and/or photos.
20. Finish repairs on home inspection punch list.

Most onerous (to me) task first - furniture shopping for the small den/TV room. I am not comfortable on many couches as they are too deep for me and I dislike always needing a pillow. That caused us to end up at a pretty high end furniture store but the bonus is that they have a designer who will bring fabric samples out to the house and do some possible layouts for us. So tomorrow morning we will probably see that our initial fabric choices are poor colors but at least it is a start. I am conflicted about whether this is the best use of the room as we have another room with a TV. Hubby disagrees. We will see.

We had three ceilings that were painted dark. Hubby is finishing the second this weekend!

Then there is the list for an electrician. We have agreed how to approach the trickier/optional items so I will call and schedule an appointment tomorrow.

That leaves a rather random list of repairs where we are not quite sure who to hire since it would be nice to have one person who could do all of it.

1. A window was dry walled over with the mini-blinds still hanging inside the wall - odd. We want to open the wall back up, trim the window, buy plantation shutters to match the others in the room and then paint the room.
2. There are holes in the fire wall material in the garage. I think that is a specialty type of drywall.
3. Doors and gates that stick and an auto door closer for the door into the house from the garage.
4. Loose glass in one window.
5. Sink overflow drains that need connecting. (The plumber didn't want to do it as it is fiddly and time consuming)
6. Gutters & downspouts.
7. Patio leveled.
8. Install tool, ladder, etc. hangers in garage.

Monday I will call and talk to a drywall repair person, a handyman and the person who sold the windows to a previous owner to see who might be the best answer or if it will take a team!


  1. These are the kinds of things that I absolutely suck at. (I tried to think of a better way of describing my ineptitude, but truly this is all I could think of to describe it.) If I don't make a list, none of these kinds of things get done. And as it is, they get done verrrrrry slowly.

    1. I love your description! We were going great guns getting things done and then ground to a halt as none of this is urgent. However it has to be done.


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