Monday, May 15, 2017

May: Week 2

Happy Mother's Day! I'm off to spend part of the day with my older son and DIL and granddog plus my own dog. I feel very lucky to be able to do that. Hubby is out of town doing his show up at work part of working remotely so we have them all to ourselves.

I've been pretty busy this past week. Not in the plans but on Wednesday I took hubby to the train station (train, planes, train or Lyftt for him), came home and took the dog for a walk. She stepped on a bee and had a thankfully non-life threatening reaction to the venom. Vomit and poop all over the bedroom carpet which I guess we will be getting cleaned after all. I was concerned about dehydration since she wasn't drinking water so off to the vet for 2 shots, 2 med and re-hydration.

How do we keep this from happening again? I didn't get any helpful advice from people I talked to but learned the vomiting was typical and some dogs go into anphylactic shock so we were lucky it was just money and carpet cleaning.

She is feeling well now it seems and did very well driving to my son's and spending the afternoon with them and their dog.

I managed to buy a few things on our finish furnishing the house list and got good value/prices on all - small yard waste trash can, bath trash can, 4 glasses and 2 candles (we didn't move ours). I also went to the HOA Spring Cleaning sale and bought myself a fun bracelet for a big $5.

Checking off my to do list:
  • Get refrigerator water filter and ice maker fixed
  • Make an eye exam appointment
  • Routine Vet appointment 5/9; decide if staying with this vet or switching to one nearer us.
  • Get recommendations for groomer and boarding
  • Get CA driver's licenses, register car and get new HOA car sticker. Cancel GA car registration.
  • Send in homeowner's property tax exemption form.
  • Recycle old printer
  • Get SS form to prove have had health insurance coverage
  • Apply online for SS
  • Connect with nephew who lives in San Diego
  • Mother's Day with son & DIL
  • Join Women's Club (and attended an interesting talk)
  • May planned clothing purchases: swim rash guard/sun guard long sleeve top & an unplanned purchase of bead and leather bracelet


  1. It seems like with a dog it's one thing after another ... but we love them anyway. Glad she's all better.

    1. Yes, it is one thing after another LOL. I have heard so many stories about dogs and bad reactions to bee stings since this happened. She got off easy!

  2. Glad your dog is all better. Is there something that the vet can recommend as "first aid" in case it happens again. An equivalent of "epi pen" for dogs if there is such a thing?

    1. I asked the same question but apparently there isn't such a thing. She didn't have trouble breathing or with her heart so if she wasn't getting dehydrated I would have waited it out.


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