Saturday, April 22, 2017

Moving after retirement is definitely for the determined or wealthy

We have been in our lovely new home now for 3 days and are happy that we made this move. The weather is so delightful and the house suits us well. We are also pretty tired LOL!

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and brought a few things into the house. A quick run to Trader Joe's yielded salads for dinner and food for breakfast and lunches. Good idea to pack the towels, coffee making supplies and paper plates/plastic cups and utensils so they were readily available. Basically we camped in the house.

The day after we arrived we had a plumber in to fix leaks identified during the inspection and to brace the water heater safely (CA and earthquakes issues). Turns out we had to replace the water heater at a high cost but all got done. The move helpers were great and the truck was unloaded.  Camped out again but with furniture to sit on. Went out for dinner.

Friday was spent unpacking many boxes, a visit by a cousin who lives nearby, and getting cable/internet/phone service set up. However for some reason now our printer won't work and we are still trying to figure that out. Hubby also bought a piece of baseboard and installed it on the wall behind where the washer and dryer will go since it was missing there. Very tired but we cooked dinner in our new home for the first time.

Saturday I was full of hope for clean clothes but the new dryer was broken and had to be returned. We do have a new washer but I am not trying to air dry loads of clothing indoors. Most of the kitchen stuff and clothing is unpacked. It is interesting to figure out how to use the available storage which is laid out so differently than in our previous home. I went to the closest grocery store and rediscovered how much time it takes to shop in a new store but came home with more essentials.

Tomorrow is more unpacking, a visit from another cousin and hopefully a nice long walk.

I'll take photos to share once there aren't boxes stacked all over the place.

There is a new resident's tea on next Thursday afternoon and we will attend. Time to get back out in the larger world.


  1. Do you have a different router in the new place? Maybe new IP address? Wireless printers need to have that kind of info updated to work. But it is my least favorite thing to try to troubleshoot! Good luck!

    1. I wish is were a wireless printer. It is old and the driver doesn't even have an update for Windows 10 so I think it will need to be replaced. We do have a different router and cable service thought so any ideas to try first would be great.

  2. Get all those little things taken care of before you settle in. We thought about changing out the carpet- now there is no way we are going to go through that upheaval. :) .
    Looking forward to pictures of the new place.
    Welcome Home!

    1. You are so right! I am already reluctant to hire painters because all the closets would have to be emptied again LOL. We are going to paint the bedroom and closets ourselves perhaps since we have to buy a bed and it would be less disruptive right now.

  3. Can't wait to see photos, and to hear how life in a retirement community is for you two. We are still thinking we will move closer to the coast in the next few years, and we are very torn on what type of home we should buy - townhome, single dwelling, within or outside of a retirement community . . .

    1. We were just revisiting over dinner what made us decide on this community and home. Once we decided to live near my FIL's assisted living home for the years he has remaining, then this became the top option because of pricing and ease of buying before we moved. Otherwise we would be living in the Pasadena/Eagle Rock area or Berkeley/Oakland area to be near one of our sons and their family. People are very friendly here but we are far from art museums and a lively theater scene. Will have to find a way to fill those gaps.


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