Sunday, November 27, 2016

13 weeks and counting: To selling our house that is

Good news - the bathroom remodel should begin on December 5th. I'm glad I didn't agree to have the demo done before Thanksgiving and then have to live with it for 10 days before they came back.

The outside painting and living room ceiling will start tomorrow. We have been hustling to have everything ready for the painters.

The leaves are falling faster than we can pick them up! 16 trash barrels of leaves and pruning bushes away from the house awaiting Monday pickup.

What else we did last week:

- I cleaned out the carport storage room so that the front window storm windows could be put in there when the painters remove them. It is customary in this neighborhood to take them off when selling your house. We aren't a fan as our house will be colder this winter.

- Put some items from the basement home improvement/maintenance stash out for curbside donation. Most went off to new homes. More to do.

- DH cleaned under the back porch where the dryer vents. It was as bad as he thought it would be LOL. He also decided to clip some wires hanging under there and found out one was live! Who leaves a live wire hanging outside a house under a porch? Not us. Add electrician to the list.

- I moved the dog's crate and some other things upstairs so she and I can camp out away from the painters this coming week and then construction for 2 to 3 weeks. I'm trying to think of things to do while I am home "supervising" but with restricted access to parts of the house. Ideas?

You know you are making progress when your to do list is down to less than one page!

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