Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oops, a Plan B would have helped! 23 weeks and counting - to selling our house that is.

Our preparation for listing the house is pretty boring at this point. DH keeps working away at fixing and painting inside the house. We are trying to get everything ready for the bath remodel. Otherwise it is routine house and yard work.

I'm really wishing we had done better at having a Plan B on a couple of fronts though. We were only able to get one quote for the bath remodel. It is definitely in the expected range but being able to make a choice would have been much nicer.

The second missing Plan B is in the area of dog boarding. Our dog has chronic medication and other needs so we have relied on one person to board her. Oops. A funeral in CA this Tuesday for an uncle of DH's and I can't go because there is no place to board the dog on such short notice.

I'm going to try to turn this into a positive and push myself to do lots of pruning & raking, some more sorting through belongings, getting more exercise, etc. The week also holds a vet appointment for a regular shot for her Addison's disease, a haircut for me, early voting and possibly attending book club. This one is outside around a fire and I really don't like sitting out in chilly weather and getting smoky so we will see LOL. Also I found the book selected too grim and quit reading very quickly.

What have you accomplished and what is on your agenda for the week?


  1. What's on our agenda for the week? Well, as you might know, we've already decluttered, downsized and moved into a small condo. Our agenda now is to find a bigger place to live! (But still not as big as our old place, like smaller than our old 2700 sf., but bigger than our current 940 sf.). It's always something!

  2. Are you limiting your bathroom quotes to re modelers with the time to do the bathroom in the next six months? When we had our kitchen re-done they gave us a start-date, which proceeded to get moved back into a long-planned vacation, and when we were griping about that the woman at the remodeling place told us that we were lucky we weren't having a bathroom done because the wait for that was even longer. It was as bad as trying to get a non-urgent surgery scheduled with our HMO :(

    1. Yes we are and that is why it is so hard to get quotes. 4 to 8 weeks from now to starting as he has a current job and then a short one ahead of us. We are starting to order the finish materials.


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