Thursday, July 7, 2016

Goals for July

Thinking about this a bit late aren't I?

Here they are anyway -

1. Find out gender of our soon to be here grandchild (call this weekend-yeah!)

2. Finish going through all of the paper files and reduce from 4 drawers to 2 drawers. Don't forget the ones in a cupboard and the fire safe!

As part of this process I'll update our list of what we have spent on this house that might be deductible for tax purposes from the sales proceeds. I'll also make a list of improvements and date completed for potential buyers.

3. Hopefully start going through paper photos or at least decide how to approach the process.

I'm thinking of just reducing the volume at this point although I would like to get them scanned and make albums.

4. Rearrange our investments as CDs mature with the thought of buying a CA property for cash before we sell this one.

It would be nice to have somewhere to move to.

5. Make major decisions re bath remodel finishes. Put project out to bid.

6. Keep being happy with my summer wardrobe of 33 items plus jewelry, exercise & yard work gear, and PJs.

I have more than enough to wear with this wardrobe.

7. Decide or at least research the best way to get rid of oak roll top desk.

8. Decide if we are going to use the BBQ any more. If not, get rid of it and the propane tanks.

9. Cook, cook and cook some more. Dinner out is going to be occasional.

10. Cheer hubby on as he paints the inside of the new sun porch windows.

No painting for me this month although I might wash some walls. I do have lots of pruning and weeding to do LOL.

BTW, I do feel chic, comfortable and cool in today's Project 333 capsule wardrobe variation.


  1. I had to laugh when I got to ... "It would be nice to have somewhere to move to."

    1. I know! However, the area we are moving to has an insanely competitive rental market. Think 12+ applications for each rental. Having a dog makes it even more difficult. Trying to sort out the solution that will work for us.


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