Thursday, June 23, 2016

30 Chic Days - Days 8-10: Simple elegance every day

I'm joining Fiona and Sue to track 30 days of "chic" living.

Days 8 - 10

I started thinking about what makes a person "chic" and had to look up the definition - "smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner".

Which led me to looking up the definition of "elegant". 

      1. showing good taste : graceful and attractive
      2. simple and clever

Which led me to decide that what I am really after is simple elegance in everyday life.

My focus for the week was on really thinking about this as I went through my days and made decisions.

Time wise I mostly worked on maintaining and beautifying our home. I started painting the master bath as part of our sale prep checklist and did yard work. I braved Ikea and found a wall mirror and colorful pillow shams to finish the decor in the guest room for a small price.

Breakfasts were coffee every day with meals rotating between oatmeal with soy milk, peanut butter and fruit; Shredded wheat with soy milk and fruit; Poached eggs on rye. 

Lunches were
- Tomato soup, open face sandwich of turkey and cheese on rye with cranberry mustard (very yummy)
- Big salad with turkey, crackers
-Turkey Canadian bacon, 2 blueberry pancakes, half a grapefruit

Dinners were
- Chicken enchiladas, steamed broccoli, wine
- Pork sausage, risotto, leftover broccoli & butternut squash
- Vegetarian chili, green salad

What I wore: After I was through painting/doing yard work, every day I wore a summer top and shorts/capris/crop pants with sandals and a scarf if going out. I did make sure to add a [necklace or earrings each day to make me feel more elegant even if I only walked the dog. I liked all 3 outfits for every day life although I did change the sandals for the shorts to light tan ones.

How I moved my body: Activity based exercise - spraying weeds, painting walls, dog walkingl.

What I read: Along with mysteries I also am reading Taste: The story of Britain through its cooking. I've made it to the Tudor period. 


  1. Hi Juhli

    I know you from Imogen's program. I like the first two here but not so much the high contrast last outfit. Alas, that is a combo I can't seem to shake. I need lighter pants but look better in darker ones.



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