Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Downsizing & Moving Update - #3

We are back from a fun and stressful vacation in California. The fun parts are shown in these photos - Derby Day at Santa Anita racetrack with our older son and DIL and bocce ball in Jack London Square in Oakland with the younger ones. Always fun and joyful to be with them.

We had some nice visits with my FIL and a great tour of Camarillo, CA by a cousin who is renting in Leisure Village there. We shocked ourselves by considering doing the same.

The stressful part is the difficulty of deciding where to try to live and the new knowledge of how competitive the rental market is in both ends of the state. Our cousin was one of 14 applicants for the unit he is renting and got it because he doesn't have a dog and everyone else did - we do have a dog!

I am looking at our house with fresh eyes after being gone for 11 days and I know we really need to update the bathroom. A discussion for tonight.


  1. Great idea -- to go away for a while, then come back at look at your house with a fresh eye.

  2. Rents are sky high in some areas of California, that is for sure. Our niece in Conn. is looking for a place to rent there and landlords do not like her having a dog. Even tho it weighs only 7 pounds.

  3. Oh gosh. Sound I really be considering a move. I know so many of you out there in blogland are. I want to, I think. Glad I can't make a decision until after the summer break.


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