Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Evaluation: February wardrobe additions - one month and a year or more ago

Apparently I don't shop for clothing in the winter!

In 2015 I bought exactly one item in February - a warm hat. I like it, I wear it when it is quite cold, etc.

This year I did one thrifting expedition in February and came away with 5 items for $26.

- 2 pairs of Columbia shorts for walking in hot weather that of course haven't been worn yet ($4).
- A long sleeve graphic t-shirt that I experimented with altering and will probably not be wearing ($3).
- A charcoal cardigan that I have worn 3 times ($15). I like the shape and warmth but missed some design features I am not sure about. We'll see how much it gets worn next winter.
- Lastly, an orange silk shell that is again an alteration project that is in process ($3).

I ended up with some needed shorts, a better fitting cardigan to replace an old one and some refashioning projects to keep me entertained. Good value for the money LOL.

For March my priority is to find a new pair of athletic/walking shoes. So far 3 pairs have gone back to Amazon. I do hate shoe shopping but will not settle for something that is not comfortable any more! I'd also like to start finding warm weather clothes to add to or replace my current sparse collection.

One thing I have learned in paying more attention to my wardrobe this year is that I tend to wear almost everything I own. I am slowly letting go of the items I don't wear. For example, my younger son was married 4 years ago this coming May. I bought a nice dress, shoes and formal bag for the event. I never wore them again. They are being donated for prom season shopping this year. Someone can be delighted to find them as a bargain.

The other thing I have learned is that I need to find stores that carry clothing that fits me and my lifestyle. Thrift shopping has been fun for experimenting and finding some nice items but too often I'm not fully satisfied with what I have bought.

Right now I am working with a list of needed and wanted items and limiting myself to buying those. We'll see how my warm weather wardrobe shapes up!


  1. They are not cheap, but do consider finding an SAS store for shoes. They measure your feet from all angled and they last forever. I enjoy thrifING more than the next gsl5. But I also have two stores whose clothes fit me well and where I can find stuff in my style and colors. One of them is Christopher and banks.

    1. And I obviously can not type well from my phone. Sorry About that!

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I do like Clarks for shoes and was wearing Asics running shoes so I tried some new models to replace them but no joy. Trying New Balance next as I used to wear them successfully for exercising.


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