Friday, January 1, 2016

Kicking off the BEST new year

We had a low key and fun New Year's Eve with dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and then a cozy evening at home. I tried a new to me dish - shrimp with crispy sweet basil and vegetables and boy was it delicious. I ate the whole thing which made it easy to start the first day of the year off right food wise.

I have decided that the BEST thing I can eat for breakfast is oatmeal with fruit and soy milk. Sometimes an addition of peanut butter. Oatmeal is the one breakfast food that keeps me from getting hungry before lunch. So this morning it is microwaved oatmeal, half a banana and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter with soy milk.

I've finished off my financials for 2015 and am delighted that we saved 35.5% of our income! Go us. I usually think in terms of a dollar goal for savings and always fall short. Looking at it this way, we did great.

I did splurge a bit on the dog yesterday - replaced the 5 year old pad in her crate. A bit needed although she does love her crate for naps even with the old pad. The old one will be back up for a while as I do wash them. I couldn't remember the brand and had cut off the tag so I went back to the (expensive) pet store we bought it at the day we adopted her. They were just getting a shipment unloaded from a truck and there was exactly what I wanted in that load. I also got her more of her Harry Barker prickly pear shampoo + conditioner so I wouldn't need to order it online. Don't you love the brand name?

Today is finally a brisk weather day with no rain! I think I'll use this luck to get out and spray the driveway for weeds as well as the foundation for bugs. A nice long walk is in the plans too. I'm joining in with Ilona on her 1000 miles in 2016 walking challenge. I started yesterday (why not?) with 2.4 miles. Want to join in?

Lastly, I remembered that I had stashed a free 2016 wall calendar and pulled it out. To my surprise I actually had 2 free ones put away so I will donate one tomorrow.

Here's to your BEST year ever.


  1. I am impressed with your financials ... I should be so organized. I'm also impressed by your walking goals. Have you considered getting a fit bit? I gave one to B for her Sept. birthday, and she loves it. In any case, have a great 2016!

    1. Thanks Tom and have a great 2016 yourself. I've considered a fitbit but have decided not to add the care of another electronic device to my life right now.

  2. A walking challenge might be just the thing to get rid of the 5lbs. I gained over the holidays. But 1000 miles might be biting off more than I can chew.

    And more power to you on the oatmeal! I was doing really well with that when I happened to discover banana nut muffins. :)

    1. Well, banana nut muffins are delicious! 1000 miles will probably be out of my reach too but I like the audaciousness of the goal. Of course I immediately became sick and have not walked for 2 days.


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