Sunday, November 22, 2015

No Repeat November - Week 3 of Shopping my Closet

It's getting harder to create new outfits! I won't be taking photos next week as we have our older son and DIL visiting all week and my focus is going to totally be on enjoying having such concentrated time with them. I'll track what I wear though and if I can keep this up I'll photo the clothes combinations all at once after Thanksgiving.

I've linked up again to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style

This week I had one day of wearing yard work/housework clothing only so I am sharing 6 outfits. My personal favorite is outfit 1 and second is outfit 6 because of the color combo in the top. I'd love your feedback!

Outfit 1
I tied a long scarf to make a cowl. I may turn it into one as that would be easy.

Outfit 2
The belt was handmade for me by a cousin to use the silver belt buckle my Mom was given in the 1930's by her brother. I've lost weight since he made it so I am trying different ways of using it. Those are dark wash jeans not black BTW!
Outfit 3
Groceries, hair cut appointment - how exciting is that for a rainy day?

Outfit 4
Not happy with this but went out the door anyway. I could have added a short necklace or used a cardigan instead of the shell. Day spent sorting donated books at the library, bathing dog, etc.

Outfit 5
Still preparing for Thanksgiving and a week of company. Big grocery shop, car wash, etc. Really need to shorten this top. Added to list.

Outfit 6
Casual birthday lunch out with my husband.



  1. I agree with your choices! You seem to have a pretty good handle on what looks good on you. How do you shorten your knit tops? I buy many items from charity shops and they usually aren't in petites.

    1. Thanks Donna. I am not an expert at shortening knit tops. I've asked some people who do it well and they suggest sewing a straight stitch right above where you intend to cut the fabric but make sure the tension and feed pressure are appropriate. Then they use an appropriate stitch that has some stretch to hem depending upon the machine. I'm going to practice on some old t-shirts of my husband's that we made into rags and see exactly what works with my machine.

  2. I agree with your choices, though I also think outfit 2 suits you and looks elegant.

    1. Thanks Sue. I'll have to try #2 again and put on some more exciting earrings or a bracelet to jazz it up. I do like wearing that belt as I really smile thinking about my Mom wearing the buckle on her belt so long ago.

  3. I love the outfits where you're wearing the bigger accessories (scarf, belt and necklace in outfit 6) - stunning! They add a lot of interest.

    1. Thanks Mette. Those seem to be the favorites of everyone.