Sunday, November 8, 2015

No Repeat November - Week 1 of Shopping my Closet

As you know, my lifestyle is super casual and I have been working on getting my colors and outfit shapes to be more flattering.

I've set some rules for myself in addition to not repeating outfits.

- Only items of clothing count as the outfit. Accessories (shoes, scarves, jewelry, purse) and coats are repeatable.
- Outfits must use only my colors as determined by the fabulous Imogen Lamport during my 7 Steps to Style program participation.
- They also must fall in line with my style inspiration which is California wine country casual - translated to Atlanta weather.
- I can stretch the boundaries on my medium value contrast and low medium color contrast just a bit.
- My only allowed clothing purchases should I happen to find the right items are smart casual slacks and shoes and possibly a fedora to go with my trench coat.

I'm still finding it hard to figure out the right combos that help me feel and look vibrant, but have settled on a few things.

- There always must be vibrant color for my top or topper. The rest should be neutrals or monochromatic in color.
- I need the benefit of shaped clothing on top
- One significant accessory is usually enough for me so it is a necklace, statement earrings or scarf, etc. but not together. Small earrings work with other things though.
- I really need to do some dedicated shoe shopping to find more pairs of comfortable shoes given the ongoing foot pain I am experiencing

Here are the results for week 1.

These were my favorites and the first two got the most compliments from the facebook style group that I participate in. I think I like the complexity of the shapes and/or design of the fabric as well as the vibrant colors.
The winner!
 I even got a compliment from the librarian.
This was the 2nd favorite.

I also liked these as well - same top with different cardigans and jewelry.
I'd rate these as average & need to figure out what to do differently or not wear them again LOL.
 I will not repeat this one! I keep re-learning that I always need color in my outfits. In defense of my judgment, it was a horrible dreary dark rainy day and it fit my mood as well as matching the weather.


  1. outfit number one is my favorite
    you look wonderful

  2. I also like outfit #3 very much, great colors although in truth, I liked all of the combinations you came up with other than the last, which I agree with you on! You look wonderful!

  3. I think part of this goes back to the old "color" technique of spring, fall, etc. You definitely look good in the fall colors (#1) and the cranberry/rose colors (#2). I'm not sure what #2 would be. Fall maybe. Anyway, very interesting. I need to go through my closet like this.

    1. You are right in that I am using a color system, just a more complex one than the seasons. Mine is through Imogen Lamport and was identified when I did her my 7 Steps to Style program. My colors are a complex mixture of warm with many elements that are cool and all are soft due to my gray hair. I love the colors and have changed my wardrobe substantially as a result.

    2. Very nice. I'm a perfect spring with the occasional fall do the seasons work well gor me.I do it by my original hair color rather than gray. My problem is I line in a place where it was 70 two days ago and will the thirty in two days do i allow myself twice as many clothes and change twice a year.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I love all of them (maybe less so the one with no colour and not so much the ones with the black/white top) - you look wonderful!

  5. You look amazing in outfit one and I also love the cardigan you're wearing in outfit two. You're living proof that Imogen's 7 Steps to Style system is a winner.

    1. Thanks Sue. What changes we both have made since Imogen's program!

  6. What a fun challenge and you are mastering the art! I like all the looks, #1 may be my favorite. xo


    1. Thanks Patti. #1 was the popular favorite on the Facebook style group I participate in. Love your blog.

  7. I love the vibrant blue cardigan on you!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



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