Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Homemaking excitement - not

Raking leaves, sweeping the porches and patio, deep cleaning - this time windows in sun porch, removing meat from chicken carcass, walking dog ... Ah the fun of it.

I really find that I need to focus on the non chore parts that bring happiness.

- A beautiful Fall day to be outside.

- The dog's interest in everything that is just a bit different than last time we walked that way.

- Rearranging decorative objects on the shelves in the greenhouse window in the sun porch; after washing them well of course.

- I'm thinking of trying to string small Christmas lights around the top of the sun porch windows for a bit of sparkle.

My Mom loved being a homemaker and hated working at a paying job which she only did for a short time. I've always been the other way around but retirement brings different areas of life into focus so I'm trying to find pleasure in what I do each day.

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