Friday, August 7, 2015

My dog likes broccoli and other Friday facts

1. We were skeptical when our dog sitter told us that our dog like broccoli but she sure does! Raw or cooked. What other vegetables and fruits can dogs safely eat? Our cousin's dog loves baby carrots and who knew pumpkin and banana were ok to feed your pooch. Here are a couple lists of what is ok and not ok to feed your dog.

2. Other than my husband, I don't think anyone knows I have long wanted to attend a roller derby game. Well, we are going to an Atlanta Rollergirls playoff game on August 15th! I stumbled on an ad for it and their venue is not far away. I'm pumped! Our local PBS station did a special on the team and their program for teaching young girls to play that was very interesting.  says that roller derby is an American invented contact sport originally created in the 1930′s. By the 1970′s roller derby had taken a turn into sports entertainment territory. Often playing to sold out stadiums and broadcast on TV – roller derby teams relished the showmanship and theatrical antics that riled up the crowd.  Modern day roller derby has moved away from scripted bouts of the 70′s and is a true full contact sport that focuses on athleticism and agility.

3. While we were on vacation we spent an evening with our sons and DILs just hanging out and eating BBQ salmon and lamb chops along with other delicious foods. They served homemade Chimichurra as a sauce for the main dishes. We had never had it but it was delicious. An Argentinian sauce it is made with flat leaf parsley, garlic and more. Sort of pesto like. Here is one recipe if you want to try it.

4. I'm feeling excited about our decision to live in the Eagle Rock community of Los Angeles if S. CA is our relocation target. If it is N. CA we will probably try out Oakland as I think Berkeley is out of our price range.

5. Regardless of where we move we WILL HAVE A SMALLER YARD! I spent a total of 4 hours pruning bushes in our yard this week and am only half way through the front yard which has fewer bushes than the back yard. Since I need to make it around the entire yard I want to see how long that takes LOL.

6. Sometimes there are viable alternatives to buying items packaged in plastic if you look hard enough. I like to make muffins and use paper cups to line the muffin tin. The ones I have been buying come in a plastic container so I searched Amazon to see if I could find any packaged in paper. I did and I looked harder at the grocery store and there they were and cheaper than ordering online!


  1. My cats will eat any kind of raw greens or cooked veg! I would love to see a roller derby game too - how was it? It is time for me to start trimming all the shrubs in my yard too (a lot!) and it takes me forever too - the forsythia and the weigela each grow about 4 feet a year!

    1. Does your cat eat fruit? We had a cat once who love cantaloupe LOL. The roller derby scene (audience, music, food stands) were fun but watching the event itself was rather boring so we just stayed until halftime. Good luck on the pruning - mine is still in process due to rain.


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