Monday, June 29, 2015

Adding music back into our life

As part of my ongoing decluttering - reaching lagom - effort I have been listening to the CDs we own and to ones that grab my attention as I sort donations to the Friends of the Library. What a joy it is to have redeveloped the habit of listening to music as we prepare and eat dinner or while reading the paper or a book.

The addition of trying out new CDs has made all the difference. We have added an Irish music one, Beach Boys, swing music and traditional tango with singing. Nice!

I encourage everyone who is feeling their life may have gotten too predictable to make some changes to bring back or add small pleasures into their life.


  1. My husband bought me a stack of 33 rpm records at Goodwill and a record player. I am listening to Benny Goodman as I write. It is so much fun. I feel "jazzed".


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