Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Having fun with clothing again

I mentioned that I am participating in "Evolve your style" 31 day challenge by Imogen Lamport as I had become totally blasé about my clothing and wasn't enjoying putting myself together at all anymore. Which was odd for me because although I like having a small wardrobe I do like mixing colors and being playful as well as comfortable in my clothes. Well the challenge is fun and the feedback through the Facebook group is really nice and helpful. I love seeing what other women of all ages from around the world are wearing too. It has given me many ideas for making the most of what I have and for adding the right things to my wardrobe.

Here are three winners so far:

Wear a statement necklace day
I made the necklace long ago and never wore it with these complimentary colors.
Wear pink day
The belt and cardigan were thrifted just this past week.
Double up on necklaces day
The pearls were from my Mom's jewelry collection and I really didn't see myself wearing them but I like it in combination with a more casual necklace.

I'm finding for me that what is making the difference in how I feel about an outfit is adding accessories or making sure there is something of interest in a plainer combination of clothing. This fall and winter I am not following Project 333 but instead am going to track what I actually wear that I enjoy. I'm shopping for bargains to add some fun to my wardrobe and still sticking to a small, versatile collection of clothing and accessories.

It is fun to play "dress up" even at 65 and a good push to make sure I don't fall into a rut in terms of sticking to an easy "uniform" for my casual lifestyle.


  1. You look great! I love that you are doing this challenge. I enjoy mixing things up and the smaller my wardrobe gets, the more creative I tend to be with my clothes and accessories. I hope you will post some more outfits as you continue the challenge. Fun stuff!!

    1. It is fun and I am seeing "glaring" hole in my wardrobe! No animal prints, no sparkle, no dresses except my mother of the groom cocktail dress, etc. I'm having fun looking for ways to make my wardrobe more fun for very little.

  2. This is great, Juhli! I like your looks. Especially the pearls! I look forward to your follow-up posts.

    1. Thanks and who knew the pearls could earn their space in my dresser.

  3. I loved the color combination. You are so very young and full of life. It is so much fun to watch you.

  4. We're in the same place, Juhli - trying to make a huge amount of choices from a smaller wardrobe. I followed the links to my blog backwards and there you were! We sure are having fun evolving together :-)