Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm declaring it walking week!

My attempt to PUSH myself to exercise more failed on my beach weekend with friends. The day we were to go kayaking I woke up with an unforgiving headache and nausea. So I stayed home and shut my eyes and took medicine. The next morning I was fine but then we drove home so no exercise this past weekend.

My intent is to take a long, exercise focused walk each day this week and I got off to a good start this morning. The dog got her short walk and came home and then I went out again without her.

The weather has here has turned towards Fall with a bit of cooling making walking outside an option again. If we have a rainy day I have a walking exercise dvd to use.

I am going to continue with following my PUSH goals. Here is what I did do in week 1 despite the kayaking fail:

Push myself physically
- Strength: Heavy yard work 2 1/2 hours; sorting/moving donated books 4 hours 
- Aerobic: Walked dog 6 times
- Weight: Lost the 3 pounds I put on over vacation; 10 to go

Push myself mentally
- Nothing I can think of!
Push to engage deeply in a hobby/activity
- Signed up for a Craftsy sewing with knits class

Push to be more outgoing
- Phone calls with brother and a cousin
- Lunch with a friend
- Beach weekend with 6 friends - I kept thinking of reasons not to do this, but pushed myself to go ahead and go on this trip.
- RSVP sent for a large party - the kind I find hard to attend

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