Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eat for $4 a day - what a great resource to try no matter what your budget

I happened upon The Salt, NPR's food blog, and a link to this cookbook that was created by Leanne Brown in fulfillment of a final project for a master's degree in food studies at NYU. She has made it available as a free download and raised money through Kickstarter to print and distribute copies to SNAP recipients.

You hear about people taking as a challenge trying to live on a SNAP budget and complaining about the food they have to eat. Well she has created recipes that any one of us would be happy to cook and eat. I love the ideas for varying oatmeal and plain yogurt as well as other ones.

Take a look and tell me what you would cook first! Then try it out and report back.

A SNAP Cookbook: Good and Cheap

Other people recommend this additional resource: The Stone Soup



  1. I have often thought that with proper management a person could almost make due with SNAP benefits, but that if you were that good a manager you'd probably be unlikely to be in a situation where you qualified for the benefits.

    Then I read an article in the Huffington Post about a woman who was on Food Stamps and I saw a different side. She talked about not wanting to cook at home because the kitchen in her crummy apartment was tiny and overrun with roaches, and she was tired at the end of her day holding down a job where she was on her feet all day. The she mentioned how if you lived in a household where someone was unemployed, like her husband, it was hard to keep food in the fridge to serve for a second meal because by the time she made it home husband and kids had helped themselves.

    It gave me pause in my assumptions.

    1. Yes, there are so many challenges associated with poverty that we don't even consider if we haven't lived them. I've also heard that simply having tools for cooking is a problem for many. I hope I didn't imply that I think this cookbook is the solution as I simply admired what the author did and thought her recipes were more on target for a limited food budget than most while providing some variety. Thanks for commenting.