Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Signing up for Medicare online - that was easy

Wow. I completed the online application for Medicare Part A on June 3rd. Yesterday I checked to see the status and I am enrolled starting in August. Easiest financial thing I have done in weeks!


  1. Indeed it was. Social Security and Medicare were the easiest part for me. It was my pension that gave me problems. Be sure to get yourself Part D before I think it is 90 days are up. My medicare started August 1 of 2013 and I was under the impression that I could wait until the December open enrollment for plans to get my Part D. Wrong. I was a few days late and now for the rest of my life I have to pay $1 a month. Not a huge fine, but it is the principal of the matter.

    1. You are right about not waiting too long. Since my hubby is still working and we have health insurance through his job I only need Part A until he retires and there won't be any penalties. Fortunately he works for the government and they have a great pre-retirement seminar open to spouses that explains all of this. It would be so easy to get confused by the various rules.