Monday, March 24, 2014

52 projects Sunday

I'm off to a late start on the 52 projects challenge over at Living a slow and simple life given that it is the beginning of week 13, but I'm going to keep track anyway. If I helped organize it, I'll count it even if someone else did the heavy lifting because at least it got done! So here it goes.

I'm so pleased that I finally altered a pair of lightweight slacks so that they fit properly. Whenever I wore them I felt dumpy so I rarely wore them. I took them on our vacation to N. CA and felt really dumpy the day I wore them so alterations became a priority! Now they are done.

Just for the record I'm also counting the removal of the fence and trees in our wooded area so I'm at 3 completed projects.


  1. Juhli, you inspired me! I just finished sewing a button back on to my husband's hiking pants, saving me from potentially having him purchase a replacement pair while he waited on me to fix his other pair.

    I like this idea, though I think I'll strive for one a day, rather than one per week.

    1. One a day is fantastic. I'm going to be doing more than one a week some weeks to catch up or if they are big projects. This afternoon I'm going to try to mend some holes in a bath rug to see if I can get it to last a bit longer.

    2. OK, it isn't fixable so I'll just use it until it falls apart.

  2. Welcome on board. It's really satisfying getting some of those niggly jobs crossed off :)