Friday, January 10, 2014

I think my brain froze along with the weather LOL

I haven't posted much of anything except photos this week because my brain feels a bit "frozen" along with the weather! It does get dull hanging around the house but I am such a weather wimp that I only went out to do what needed to be done. That means I only made it to the gym once so far this week and no long walks. That will also slow the brain down LOL.

Not much else happened either. I had my annual physical and left a bit of blood for analysis. Picked up a few groceries and got a haircut. A couple of very short walks for the dog. No social life until today when I am having lunch with friends. Usually I spend Thursday morning with a friend doing volunteer work but she had a doctor's appointment so I was there by myself too.

So as the weather eases I am also looking forward to doing more. I start a painting class next Tuesday and head to S. CA on next Friday. The usual volunteer work, gym and dog walks as well. I'm heading off to lunch shortly and the long drive will be worth it. Hope no one else has succumbed to the doldrums during this cold spell.

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  1. It's the post-holiday January effect. I think it happens no matter where you live, no matter where you are ... but it sounds like you're busy enough.