Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting ready to travel

Yesterday it dawned on me that I hadn't thought about some of the tasks I usually do to get ready for our trips. I've been so organized with buying plane tickets, arranging the dog boarding and reserving a rental car for the three trips we have scheduled this quarter that I hadn't thought about the smaller things.

Well I checked two things off of the list yesterday and thought it would be helpful to list what we (I mostly) do to get ready.

Put mail delivery on hold
Put newspaper delivery on hold
Notify neighbors and family
Do laundry day before
Check weather forecast and pack appropriate clothing
Pack medications and toiletries
Charge all electronic devices and pack cords
Make sure have enough cash
Make sure have enough books and movies downloaded
Use up food in frig or throw out
Make sure there is something in freezer to have for dinner when get back
Put out trash for collection or bag securely
Pack dog's treats and equipment (food is provided in boarding)
Write check for boarding and contact and return information to leave
Take dog to boarding evening before leave (she stays with her former foster family - lucky dog)
Pack lunches and snacks for flight

Anything you would add to the list?

Oops, I thought of one more. Put library book requests on hold so they don't show up and expire while gone.

And 3 more things for the list. Set thermostat appropriately, lower water heater temperature, water plants.


  1. I do all those things, too! And - drop off house key if someone is coming to my house to look after the cats; arrange drives or pre-book taxi to/from airport; ensure lawn is mowed or snow is shovelled; and finally - change voice mail and outgoing email messages at work!

    1. Hubby has the work notifications to deal with so that is a good one to add. If it makes sense financially for long trips we also book a taxi otherwise we use park and ride near the airport. No lawn or snow here thankfully!

  2. We do almost the exact same too, other than we have a relative that lives in and takes care of things like mail and trash, and we don't have a dog.
    Our meals that last day tend to be very creative!

    The only thing I would add is to possibly contact your credit and debit card companies, and notify them of your plans. We do this to ensure there won't be any holds placed on our usage while we are away.

    1. The notification of credit/debit card providers makes sense for overseas travel especially. We haven't had any problems when traveling domestically - yet. I'll add that to the optional part of the list.

  3. It's a lot of work to go on vacation!

    1. True and that doesn't include the trip planning.

  4. Looks like you have it all together. When I go abroad, I always get some currency for the country I'm traveling to. The exchange rate isn't as good as using the ATM when you get there, but it sure feels good to have some cash so when I get off the plane I don't have to start looking for an ATM just so I can get a bite to eat.