Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting closer to "enough"

Note: I started "52 Weeks of Decluttering" and "52 Weeks of Adding Stuff" lists on December 1, 2013. If we are replacing something one for one it is not on either list. Groceries, medicines, routine household supplies are not listed nor are other consumables. You can follow along on the pages on the blog home page and in periodic updates. 

This is the update for the first 5 weeks. I am curious to see if by the end of 52 weeks I have reduced the number of items we own or simply created a more useful set of items.

Although I am sure we will reduce our possessions even more drastically in a few years when Hubby retires and we move across the country as planned, in the meantime I continue to try to get to the "enough" that fits our life and home right now. I am finding that I am decluttering small, odd, or hidden away things mostly at this point. Generally I am finding them in the course of cleaning house,  looking for something else or just going about daily tasks.

WHAT HAS LEFT THE HOUSE - 55 items and counting
Week 1 - 12/1-7/13: Six Christmas cloth napkins
Week 2 - 12/8-14/13: Eleven cloth napkins & 10 place mats
Week 3 - 12/15-21/13: A plastic serving tray
Week 4 - 12/22-28/13: A pair of earrings, 5 out of date batteries, orthodontic supplies
Week 5 - 12/29/13-1/4/14: 6 fluorescent tubes, light fixture, 5 out of date spices, book, plastic container, thermos, stirring rod, 2 forks, spoon

What has been added are things we are using and enjoying right now.

WHAT HAS ENTERED THE HOUSE - 15 items and counting
Week 1 - 12/1-7: One pair yoga pants
Week 2 - 12/8-14: Five soup/pasta bowls - thrifted
Week 3 - 12/15-21: One water bowl for dog - thrifted
Week 4 - 12/22-28: 5 books, 1 coffee mug, fabric for 2 skirts - all Christmas gifts
Week 5 - 12/29-1/4: Nothing


  1. I suppose I have to keep track now too, otherwise my home inventory will quickly become out of date!

  2. LOVE this Juhli! I need to start my decluttering too! I love when you keep track because it makes you realize how much 'stuff' you really have! :)!