Monday, December 23, 2013

What was I thinking - or, that was one crowded parking lot!

I had a few grocery items to pick up at Trader Joe's today so I stopped by at 11:30am on my way home from volunteering at the library. Cars, many cars, circling the lot looking for a parking space! I remembered that we had parked up the street when we took a walk on the Beltline section that runs behind Trader Joe's. A little walk in the wind is good preparation for lunch LOL.

Got everything, came home, no more shopping for anything before Christmas.

Hope you are ready and don't have to brave the crowds.

Have a great Christmas.


  1. Happy Christmas Juhli!

  2. We are *very* ready, thankfully!! Baking shortbread for Santa this afternoon with the girls and we are good to go! Merry Christmas to you & yours!!