Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's make it a full week!

Let's see what I can get done this week! Here is a list of what I will try to do rather than spending time being on the computer of just hanging out LOL. To be honest, I don't expect to get all of this done - using it to motivate myself LOL.

I was going to start with raking some leaves this morning before the gym but woke up to rain. Plenty of other things to chose from though.

 UPDATE: I didn't get these things done but check below for everything that did get done.

- Buy last Christmas gift and write checks for those getting gift/check combos
- Complete Road Scholar forms for March/April trip to Key West
- Call one of my SILs and a friend in another state.
- Finish photos for home inventory. Back up both and send copy to my brother and oldest son.
- Finally clean up and back up old photo files on computer!!!!
- Finally learn how to use cloud backup for computer!!!!
- Finally set up Treasury Direct account to enable converting paper bonds to electronic ones. Send at least one bond to try it.
- WAITING UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS: Order Whole Foods discount gift cards and perhaps others.
- CANCELLED BY OTHERS: I have lunch plans for Friday with friends from a former job.
- SCHEDULED FOR NEXT WEEK SO CAN GO WITH A FRIEND: I want to visit three thrift/consignment shops that are in the same area in my quest to find ones to shop as I need things next year. See if a friend will join me.
- QUICK LOOK SHOWED NOT NEEDED NOW: Clean out financial record paper files and shred.

COMPLETED: (*'s are unplanned bonuses LOL)
- OH YES! Read some good books!
- Make pumpkin raisin muffins.
- Send out meeting reminder emails for meeting
- Gym to try Zumba class and it's not for me as my knee started hurting. Loved the music though.
- Clean inside, under and behind the frig
- Make a meal plan
- Half of laundry (linens and towels)
- Mom's gift package in mail
- Clean the pantry shelves and make a food inventory
- Walk dog
* Clean oven
- Decide if I am putting up any Christmas decorations this year - decided not to
- Finalize budget for 2014. Will have to update as increases in insurance, etc. are communicated
- Plan what to make for next Sunday's neighborhood holiday party potluck (green salad with oranges, dried cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese, etc.)
- Weight circuit at gym
- Walk dog
- Raked leaves - 7 barrels of very wet leaves; I'm tired!
- Laundry finished
- Addressed Christmas cars
- Copied handouts for the Annual Meeting for my Friends of the Library group and confirmed room will be set up as needed, sent out membership renewal reminders, and did my morning of volunteer work as well.
- Bought the 5 things on my grocery list
- Made Christmas Eve dinner reservation.
- Gym & walk dog
- Cleared paperwork off my desk
- 4 more barrels of wet leaves raked
- Bought ingredients for Sunday's neighborhood holiday party potluck and a bit of produce & wine for us.
- Cleaned up and backed up documents file on computer
- Cleaned 2/3 of upper kitchen cabinets
- Christmas cards prepared
* Had some fun - went to art museum with Hubby!


  1. You definitely had a full-packed week, Juhli. Some can easily be done, but some, like cleaning your desk, will really take time to finish. That’s one place that needs your attention, since you need to determine the things that will have stay and those that you need to get rid of with a shredding machine.

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  2. From making pumpkin raisin muffins to backing up your documents file on your computer - You definitely know how to make your week very productive. How I wish I could have a week like this, where I can focus on accomplishing many things. Anyway, I hope there will more to come this 2014. Enjoy!