Thursday, December 26, 2013

I am such a lucky woman

Not because I received presents for Christmas but because my loved ones know and love me and gave me presents that show that is true. They also considered that I don't want to fill my life with unused stuff so the choices were things I will definitely use and that was very thoughtful!

So here they are - they all tell a bit about me.

First there is the rosemary bush that Hubby got me. I love to use fresh rosemary in cooking and the bush we had has become spindly and minimal. Makes a good Christmas tree substitute too.

Then there is this pile! I had mentioned on Facebook that I have always wanted to learn how to weld (a friend runs workshops of various kinds and was thinking of a welding one) so I got this funny coffee mug from DS1 which says "Welding - Live the Dream!". Oddly he said he didn't have to special order it - who knew welding was so popular. DIL1 picked out the fabulous fabric to make summer skirts and the book of customized skirt ideas to go with it.

They also sent the lovely handmade soap that the Poodle Princess was quite taken with as its complex smells were very interesting to her. Her nose was also quite busy exploring the history and story of each gift before we unwrapped it.

DS2 and DIL2 sent me books from The List: A Year of Reading the World - another Facebook mention. One from each of 4 continents (excluding N. America & Antarctica). I love the interesting titles and that the one they picked from Africa is by a Kenyan author as my nephew and his family live in Kenya.

My Mom always gives us magazine subscriptions that we really enjoy and this year she added a mug about the history of art. Definitely a conversation piece.

I almost forgot this gift of a Trader Joe's dark chocolate sampler as it had already migrated to the pantry after I started taste testing LOL.

We don't exchange gifts with the larger family as we all agree that visits and chats are better!

I was happy that our gifts got to everyone on time. One package had a wrong zip code (I transposed some numbers unfortunately) and I could watch its journey online while it circled the wrong part of California for a week before someone read the full address and sent it to the right place finally arriving late on Christmas Eve. We had lovely chats with our sons and DILs on Christmas Day and look forward to seeing them in January and February on our trips to S California first and N California later.

While Hubby used his gifted movie pass to see The Wolf of Wall Street, I gave the Poodle a Christmas walk and made us a small holiday dinner of roasted turkey breast with gravy, butternut squash, cranberry sauce and rolls from our favorite bakery. We then drove around looking at Christmas decorations as we had not yet done that.

All in all a lovely day all the way around with new memories. Today Hubby is back at work and I am working through a list of to-do items.

I hope your day was lovely with your own special way of celebrating or just enjoying the mid-week break!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I also received a few gifts that I just love! The best one being a handmade minky backed quilt from my oldest daughter! :)

  2. PS - That chocolate sampler would be my favourite... ;) lol!!

    1. The chocolates are calling to me from the pantry LOL! Each one does taste different - more so than I thought they would.

  3. You had a lovely day and the presents were very thoughtful!

    1. The thoughtfulness is what struck me the most. It is lovely to be "known" by those you love.