Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another rash of burglaries

Once again (about every 2-3 years) our neighborhood is experiencing a rash of burglaries. This is the first time though that the reaction has been tinged with hysteria. It's not that the police don't respond quickly so I'm not sure what is the difference except that there is a push to get everyone to join in on funding a private security company contract along with the neighborhood next door.

I'm not against security - I'm just not sure how having rent-a-cops on call will change anything. Often the burglaries are smash and grab out of cars parked on the street. This time it is smash entry into homes where the residents are gone and grab of laptops, phones, etc. Will paying $25 a month to a private security company change this? If it will, then I have no problem doing that but I just don't see the connection.

Does anyone have experience with private security making any difference? I would think a house security system would be more effective although more costly.


  1. Dunno anything about private security. But I have heard that an active Neighborhood Watch group can be extremely effective, esp. if the group coordinates with the local police.

    1. I agree that they are effective and we do have an active community that would call in. All the burglaries were at night, rear entry, vacant (for the evening) homes with secluded back yards. Well selected which is why I struggle with how private security would have made a difference.