Monday, October 28, 2013

Retirement finances - decision making regarding Social Security benefits

I wrote some time ago about our plan for my husband to collect spousal Social Security benefits for a while until he starts collecting his own at 70. I am older than he is so it makes sense once he is old enough to not be penalized for his own earnings. Not definite dates for any of this yet however.

I was trying to explain this plan to my friends during our get away this past weekend and don't think I did a very good job. This morning I happened upon this article that, although written for women, applies to either gender - A woman's guide to Social Security spousal benefits

I have become aware after attending a Federal employee (Hubby is one) pre-retirement planning seminar that there are many decisions to make regarding retirement finances and they all seem to have long term consequences that need to be researched carefully. When and how to claim Social Security benefits is just one of those decisions. I hope this article help someone!

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