Thursday, October 31, 2013

October recap and November mini-goals

I was pretty successful with my mini-goals this past month. In line with my new motto of "Support Imperfection" I am calling it a win. The goal of supporting imperfection is to: Hold the constructive criticism and be gentler with yourself and the people around you. Celebrate the best qualities in yourself and your loved ones and identify what’s most important. We are the toughest on the people we love the most. We and they deserve better.

These were completed:   

- Pick a computer back up system - flash drive
- Find out how to change email settings to allow to click on links - instead I learned to copy the hyperlink and paste it in the browser
- Get flu shot
- Gym 2 days a week minimum
- Complete home inventory
- Find out how to convert paper bonds to electronic ones
- Set up electronic banking for my Mom's checking account (I'm a trustee)
- Play and lunch with friends - my friend broke her leg so they cancelled and we were able to get another friend to go to the play with us but no lunch
- Go to Museum of Design
- Book club mountain lodge get away
- Hike on the Beltline
- Email/write/call 2 members of extended family
- Prune and weed rest of yard

These were about 50-50:

- No cookies/cupcakes – eat fruit or yogurt instead
- Send Mom 2 funny cards - sent one instead

- Attend all OLLI classes - they proved boring

And these were postponed or changed:

- Purchase items for fixing shower and schedule tradesmen - It isn't a problem for our use so we are going to wait until we have to fix it; I did find the tile to match so we could buy it if needed
- Book flight to go see sons and help younger son pack for move - too little notice and the Federal shut down meant Hubby had to stay in town until called back to work
- Clean kitchen cupboards - didn't even get started

So let's try a shorter list for November:

- Set up “cloud” drop box for backup of critical files - and put them in it!

- Gym 2 days a week minimum
- Take photos to go with written home inventory
- Try converting a paper bond to an electronic one
- Work on painting
- Hike
- Send Mom a funny card (already bought a cute Thanksgiving one!)
- Email/write/call a member of extended family
- Get Christmas wish lists from sons & DILs
- Celebrate Hubby's birthday
- Get together with friend recovering from a broken leg
- Clean kitchen cupboards
- Get rid of some more stuff!!!
- Rake leaves


  1. I love your "support imperfection" philosophy, for, as they say, pobody's nerfect.

  2. Pretty good overall! :) I flopped on mine this month... oh well.. there's always next month!

  3. I didn't even set any goals in October so you're ahead of me lol!

    Good luck this month!