Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye September - Hello October

Wow, September went by quickly! It is still summer clothes weather here in Atlanta with highs predicted in the low 80's. The mornings are cooler though and some leaves are starting to fall so it feels a bit like fall.

September was pretty good on the mini-goals front:

1. FAIL - Pick a computer back up system and install it - Skydrive, lockbox or flash drive & how to change settings to allow to click on links
2. Pick a genealogy program and install it
3. Finish learning cell phone features
4. Gym 3 days a week except when out of town. Try a class for one day each week.
5. Make annual physical appointment for after 10/31
6. FAIL - No cookies/cupcakes - sigh
8. Summarize info from retirement planning seminar attended in August in a decision tree format
9. PROGRESS - Complete home inventory
Educational/Fun activities
10. FAIL - Work on painting
11. Make Thanksgiving dinner reservation
12. Host Friends of the Library board celebration and make some fun hor dourves
13. Go to beach with book club and take some good food for my contribution 
* Sign up for continuing education classes
14. Clean kitchen cupboards
15. PROGRESS - Decide on plan for fixing shower and identify tradesmen
16. PROGRESS - Prune & weed rest of yard
17. Spray for bugs

Onward to October with lots of fun goals!

1. Pick a computer back up system and install it - Skydrive, lockbox or flash drive
2. Find out how to change settings to allow to click on links
3. Get flu shot
4. Gym 2 days a week minimum.
5. No cookies/cupcakes – eat fruit or yogurt instead
6. Complete home inventory
7. Find out how to convert paper bonds to electronic ones
8. Set up electronic banking for my Mom's checking account (I'm a trustee)
Educational/Fun/Family activities
9. Work on painting
10. Play and lunch with friends
11. Go to Museum of Design
12. Book club mountain get away
13. Hike at state park or on Beltline
14. Book flight to go see sons and help younger son pack for move
15. Send Mom 2 funny cards
16. Email/write 2 members of extended family
17. Attend all OLLI classes
18. Clean kitchen cupboards
19. Purchase items for fixing shower and schedule tradesmen
19. Prune & weed rest of yard



  1. Good for you. I am a list person too. I am impressed. Just realized you were in Atlanta. My daughter moved there three years ago from her life on the West Coast to be with her new husband who was getting an advanced degree at Emory and now they have just moved away from Atlanta to Newport News. VA. I enjoyed visiting her in Atlanta. It's been fun watching the Housewives of Atlanta and other Atlanta based shows and seeing shops and restaurants I have been to there on those shows. I have also been to four Top Chef restaurants there and have a picture with Richard Blais to prove it! Anyway, I enjoy your blog. It is helping me with my own transition into retirement. Rosy

  2. I'm so glad my blog is being helpful to you. We do live in Atlanta at this time due to my Hubby's job. I've live in many places including Seattle while in college and immediately afterwards. Long ago LOL.

  3. Ambitious list ... if you accomplish half of it you've made a lot of progress.