Thursday, September 12, 2013

Creating a workout schedule - how can I make it better?

I'm trying to go to the gym faithfully to do weight training and some aerobic exercise along with building exercise into my daily routine. Right now just doing weight training twice a week is exhausting although I'm not sleeping well the night after the workout. Hmmm.

Here is what I am trying to do right now:

Monday pm - weights
Wednesday am - aerobic and strength class (starting next week)
Thursday am - sorting donated books (lots of bending and lifting)
Friday pm - weights

I think that I need to add a lot more fast dog walking once it cools down even a bit and also add daily stretching. It is hard to ramp up!

Any suggestions from those who are much more athletic than I am?


  1. Congratulations on doing the weight training! It is something that too many women overlook. As we get older, it helps to strengthen our bones, our muscles, and keep us functioning better. So important as we age!

    I don't know if this is possible for you, but if you could change your workouts to the morning, or even in the afternoon, you may find that your sleep is not disturbed. In fact, you may find that you sleep better.

    Anytime someone starts a new workout program it will be exhausting. As time goes on, and you build your endurance, this will improve. Take it gradually so that you don't injure yourself. Expect to be tired, and make sure your nutrition is in order to support your workouts. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the support and encouragement. I am doing the workouts in the early afternoon. I'm going to stick with it and hopefully it will get better!

  2. Juhli, Carole is likely correct in pointing to your late day workouts as not being compatible with going to sleep shortly thereafter. Endorphines are created and released during exercise, and it takes time for them to dissipate. By moving your weight workout to morning or early afternoon, you'll not only sleep better, you'll also be able to enjoy the jolt of well being and energy endorphines create.

    You've made a great start! I would encourage you to add one more day of cardio to your routine. Your day of sorting books likely burns a few calories, but because you are not doing a sustained activity that increases your heart rate, there would likely be no cardio benefit.

    I find I do much better at maintaining my fitness routine if I do it in the morning, before the day carries me away. Plus, as I mentioned above, I can then enjoy the residual effects of well being and energy the endorphines deliver for the next few hours.

    I look forward to hearing more on how this is all going, and how, hopefully, it's improving your daily sense of well being. :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I am working out from 1 to 2pm so it isn't too late. It helps me avoid the crowds at the gym. I think the trouble sleeping is that my shoulder is sore a for about a day after the workout as I still haven't totally recovered from my frozen shoulder. I know I need more cardio and am adding things in slowly so I won't be totally wiped out LOL. I'll keep at it!

  3. Simple activities like walking and bathing your dog can already burn calories. But to burn more, religiously going to the gym and following what your instructor says you should do would give better results. You can also run or ride your bike. You can also try doing aerobics and yoga. Performing the same routine over and over could be tiring, if not boring. Switching from one routine to the other will provide great results and will also keep you entertained as you work your way to fitness. Best of luck!
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