Wednesday, August 28, 2013

$145 and 5 stores later I have finished shopping for food

I try to shop on Wednesdays as the stores aren't very busy and Publix and Kroger offer 5% senior discounts. I mean, where can I get that rate of return on my money - LOL?

Today I was trying to do most of the food, household and toiletries shopping for 2 weeks instead of one as I am going to be out of town for most of the second week. We both eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from our food supplies almost every day. Hubby will continue to eat at home for breakfast and dinner and take his lunch to work while I am gone. I'll just have to fill in next Tuesday with more produce and that should do it. Of course we have food in our pantry, frig and freezer as well and some of the things I bought will last beyond the two weeks.

I'm planning on several vegetarian dinners during this coming week - barley & sweet potato risotto, veg chili and green peppers stuffed with kasha pilaf. We'll also have turkey burgers, tilapia, salmon, chicken as main dishes and lots of fruit, green salad, kale with peppers & corn, spinach, etc. as side dishes.

I find the photos other bloggers post of their food shopping interesting, so today here's what I got for our money in this round of shopping. Very few bargains were available. Produce prices are crazy due to the soggy summer. I can't believe the stores want at least $1.99/lb for zucchini in the middle of summer. I only had one coupon for $1, $1 off another item and got the 5% senior discount at two stores for $2.76 in savings and then spent that on a treat!

Trader Joe's - $40.39 Lots of staples, lunch items and a pizza for a quick dinner for Hubby when I'm gone

Whole Foods - $36.60 & much is non dairy for Hubby plus they have the best salmon & frozen blueberries (hiding behind the beets). Also got some small beets and kale which aren't carried at the other stores.

CVS $11.87 & the shampoo & conditioner happened to be on sale - My receipt was almost as long as I am tall too!

Publix $34.60

Kroger $18.70

And I just may have stopped at The Cupcake Factory since I was in the neighborhood.
Cupcake Factory $2.97


  1. I like your photos, especially the last one!

    1. It was yummy although kind of defeats the going to the gym effort LOL.

  2. You did really good for $145. How I wish I had a Trader Joes. Sigh.

    1. Thanks. I do find I am buying more and more at Trader Joe's. We really like their chicken and pork. It is the Whole Foods stuff that always bothers me price wise but since it is what Hubby can eat in the morning without problems I remind myself it is worth every penny.