Friday, July 5, 2013

Our fun, and soggy, 4th of July

Yesterday it was either overcast or raining buckets here so we had an indoors sort of day. We spent the afternoon enjoying the unexpectedly delightful movie "Frances Ha" - I highly recommend it. Then we came  home for a bit and a glass of beer or wine before going out to dinner right as it rained buckets. Fortunately it was warm so when I had to submerge my foot to cross the street it only left me with a wet tennis shoe and we went merrily on. There were no tables outdoors on the balcony of the restaurant where we planned to eat our favorite salmon sandwiches so we headed next do and had a lovely meal of tapas.

Nothing exciting but we enjoyed ourselves. Only the sound of fireworks in the distance at one of the few celebrations that wasn't postponed due to the weather. Fortunately the dog ignores fireworks just like she does thunder so we had a relaxing late evening.

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  1. I too watched a movie on July 4. Not because it was raining outside. In fact, it was beautiful. But B was away for two days visiting her mom, so I was home alone. I have a friend who's been bugging me for weeks to see one of his favorite movies, a comedy called "Saving Silverman." So I finally saw it. Er ... I do not highly recommend it.