Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A day of this and that

I am determinedly moving through my computer set up checklist and trying to accomplish 1 major and several minor things a day. Thanks to DS advice, today I switched to a different antivirus, etc. software and uninstalled the one that came with the computer and would have cost money. I've been going through the files I downloaded from a thumb drive which I used as backup as many of the files were duplicated. I'll be backing up in the cloud as soon as I get everything off of the old hard drive. Which is the next step. I know I need to remove it from the old computer case without letting a static charge damage it - asked DS for how to do that. Then I have to buy the correct external USB housing suitable for the hard drive which I hope the staff at Best Buy can tell me, get everything hooked up and transfer the files including all of my Outlook contacts, etc. So dealing with the old hard drive is my next big step! Think of all the new neuronal connections I am forming and all the money I am saving by working through this myself LOL.

But as they say, one step at a time.

I went to a meeting about the new volunteer work I am going to do and am a bit more excited. We are going to record brief interviews with parents and children about why they love the library and how it has/does impact them. These will be edited to make podcasts for the website and also quotes that can be used for fundraising appeals and grant writing. We realized how little we understand about the technical side of this project but brainstormed a good list of potential volunteer experts. I'm going to start at my library branch and I do love to hear people's stories so that part should be fun.

The arborist came by to evaluate the mid-sized broken branch caught up in a large oak tree. He said if it was his house he would just wait for it to fall to the ground but if we were really worried it might damage the house then $300 would do the trick. I like the gravity approach as we wouldn't have even known it was there if a neighbor hadn't heard the crack when it broke and come over to see what happened.

Add a quick trip to the grocery store and giving the dog a bath and it is mid-afternoon. Onward.


  1. I like your blog. I am new to the blogging community. Your blog is similar to mine as I am also new to retirement after a 40 year career as a librarian. I liked your blog about your dog. You might find my blog humorous as I blog about the pitfalls of retirement, aging and my dogs often play a featured role.

    1. Welcome and I love your blog! I never worked at a library (I was a management consultant) but I've always hung out in the stacks. Now I am very involved with our library branch as the President of the Friends of the Library and I help sort through donated materials for our book sale, the literacy program, collection additions, etc. This is a new volunteer project focused on supporting efforts to raise money for the entire county library system. Libraries are great.

  2. Your volunteer job sounds like a lot more fun than your computer job ...

    1. I have to wholeheartedly agree! This is an additional volunteer gig so we'll see how it goes. Kind of StoryCorps for the library - we think maybe its Library Love Stories.