Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vacation is definately over!

I should have realized yesterday that vacation was certainly over as I did laundry, dishes, cooked and caught up on email and Facebook. I think I was too tired to think though. This morning although pleasant was definitely not vacation! I went to the orthodontist who decided I hadn't needed to have come in, filled the car up, went to 3 grocery stores and CVS, unpacked and put all of that away and just finished lunch. I did buy a prepared salad at Trader Joe's to have for lunch and that was a treat.

It is a beautiful day however so I think Poodle Princess and I will go to the park for a nice long walk. She gets lots of walks and plays with other dogs and a cat when she is boarded so I need to keep up the exercise level for her better than I usually do!

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  1. Nothing says "vacation is over" like doing laundry. But it feels good to start getting back into the swing of your own life again, doesn't it?