Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rats! At least one that is

We called in the experts, "Animal Proofers", and when they came found a rat dead in the trap in the basement. So much for my chipmunk fantasies. Of course we hadn't found the main place they were getting in - a dislodged basement vent. That and the other hole are fixed with a one way exit in the hole. Onward.


  1. ouch!! although from my perspective, a rodent is a rodent! glad you got it fixed.

    1. I agree. Its an ongoing problem for everyone I know in this neighborhood and not our first visit from one. We have a lot of wooded areas around the houses where they live and then in the winter they want to come inside.

  2. Just pretend it was a chipmunk... ;) At least it's gone now! lol!

  3. Bummer. But this is a good example when coughing up the dough for the experts is SO worth it. Hope your problem is resolved for good.