Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to normal on a beautiful day

We are having early Spring type weather today - 60 and sunny and some pollen drifting around according to my nose! I have notched things up back to near normal - a load of laundry, finished putting Old English polish and scratch remover on an old roll top desk (it came out great!, a long walk for the poodle princess and 2 hours working on preparing for the upcoming Friends of the Library book sale. My 85 year old partner in book sorting and pricing was there and lamenting the health problems all of her friends are having. I hope I was able to cheer her up a bit. She is usually upbeat and a hoot to spend time with and has the energy of two people.

Thankfully Hubby put in his own full day getting a first coat of paint on our re-sided shed and new shed door. He's heavily into watching football right now and says leftovers are great for dinner. The brisket will serve us well again with some fruit and salad added.

I'm finishing my well deserved cup of coffee and cookie and then going to see if the dog will consent to being combed out. Then a book. All in all a great and productive day.

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