Friday, January 11, 2013

Another cute poodle

When we picked up our very own poodle princess from her pet sitter (who was also her rescuer and foster Mom) I was given this adorable belated Christmas gift. She definitely has the princess confidence that ours has LOL. I'm not one to collect figurines, but I do still have the little fox terrier one my Mom gave me when I was a child and had a miniature fox terrier as my first dog. This girl will join it on my dresser.

By the way, thanks to the wonder of the internet, I learned the technique is called spaghetti glass and the it was sold as a lipstick holder. The eyes were originally blue as well. Cute.


  1. Adorable!! I definitely have to show this to Mya! She'll love it!! :)

    1. Carla, when I looked online for vintage poodle figurines there were lots of them at low prices in case you want to move away from the stuffed animal versions. This one was from an estate sale.