Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm Thankful this Thursday

This is the first day I have felt almost well since getting sick Saturday night. I have many reasons to be thankful but the ones most on my mind today are these.

My hubby who has been so great - first dealing with my illness and injury in the middle of the night and then picking up the load so I could rest and recuperate.

My stomach virus (I really think that was what it was) is almost out of my system and my pulled muscles are getting better.

I feel well enough to go to physical therapy for my "frozen shoulder" this afternoon - with the bonus of seeing what I can do to help my pulled muscles heal faster.

The poodle princess has been unusually calm and sedate even though I can't take her out for walks. She seems to know that I am sick and has adjusted accordingly. Which means that periodically she runs madly around the house doing laps to let off her energy. She "huffs" while she does it and has various routes she takes including just circling the dining room table or doing a circuit through the dining room, living room while banking off the backs of the couch and chair and racing from the dining room down a hallway and around the family room again banking off the back of a couch. It is very funny to watch and it does take the place of a walk somewhat lol.

Heating pads, ice packs and pain killers were invented.

And as a bonus, while sick I lost another 1.5 pounds. Now to just keep it off.

Hope you all have had a good week and next week there will be more interesting posts here!

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