Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2 Years of dog love

Two years ago in the middle of December we went to see a rescue dog after I kept staring at a poster in my favorite coffee shop. She was asking for us to adopt her apparently. We hadn't had a dog for 8 years and never thought about getting a poodle. She sat on the couch between us shaking like a leaf yet seeming to want to stay there and we were hooked. We went back the next day and she was more relaxed with us so the three of us went home. A great decision for us and we think she is pretty happy with it too. So here's some pictures showing her since day one to now.

The "where am I look?" on the day we brought her home. And it was an exhausting day for her I'm sure. A new toy and getting on the couch helped a bit.


 New clothes and walks in the bitter cold helped make this new home more fun.

More new clothes! But that's her whole wardrobe.

Looking much healthier and happier! Loving checking out what is happening in front of our house.
Hanging out with her "cousin" over one Thanksgiving when the kids brought their dog with them.
And that "play with me" look directed at hubby.

Glad you came into our lives Lola! 15 1/2 pounds of zest, resilience, affection and fun.

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