Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving dinner? Give me some ideas.

I volunteered my hubby and myself to make the Thanksgiving dinner tables look festive. Only problem, we don't even arrive until Tuesday evening. So as I was out and about today I did pick up some Thanksgiving paper napkins and cocktail napkins to bring with us. In the process I found out most everything was sold out and Christmas items were in full swing and abundant.

So what to do? Since relatives in their mid-80s are hosting dinner for 16+ of us, we have decided on paper plates but real glasses and silverware. Food will be served buffet style. Two or three tables will be set up by us and then we need to add something to make it look festive with only Wednesday to solve this.

Ideas please!


  1. You can cut out leaf shaped wine charms and use cord or min rubber bands and label them ahead of time. If you have two vases that fit inside each other you can used Thanksgiving colored candies on the outside and put flowers on the inside. Buy pumkins and gourds ahead of time and take baskets or use what they have. Take ribbon with you and tie bows on the chairs.

  2. Cranberries! I have used fresh cranberries from the grocery store in a low dish with any type of candle. They are very festive. There are lots of produce items. Artichokes, gourds, bowls of green apples are also beautiful. Bonus is the centerpiece can later be eaten. I also like to curl ribbon or twine on the table in long pieces then it can be rolled up to reuse.

  3. Dryed corn ears, gourds and baby pumpkins along with some mum blossoms scatered around might look cute

  4. Great ideas - thanks for the inspiration! We are flying on Tuesday so have Wednesday to set things up and help cook.

  5. Candles always add a festive flare, if there are no little kids around. And mums, nice fall flowers. Hava good time!