Monday, October 22, 2012

Decluttering mania & Project 333 week 4

On Friday I started the  Reverse 100 Thing Challenge which has the goal of removing 100 things from your home by December 15th. Granted I've found a lot of small things but I'm just over a fourth of the way to my goal! I was happy today that going through CD ROMS resulted in not only discarding obsolete ones but being able to remove a fairly large and ugly container from my office supply shelves because I no longer needed the storage.
Goodby you ugly beige plastic thing!

Similarly, participating in Project 333 has been enlightening.  I've never had a desire to have a lot of clothes but I have felt guilty getting rid of things.  Now I have a fall wardrobe picked out of just 33 items (excluding exercise clothes, in-home lounge wear, pajamas & underwear) and that has been just fine. It has also gotten me to let go of clothes that were old, too big or just didn't do anything for me. I have also been combining clothes that I hadn't previously and am happy with the result. Deciding what to wear is very easy and I'm happy with the outcomes.

It was also interesting to me to find out that I have three distinct color combo wardrobes beyond the neutrals that easily slot into fall, winter and spring sets of 33. Summer is another matter and I will need a major shopping to have a small but effective wardrobe next summer.

Only 74 more items to go for this challenge. How is your decluttering going?


  1. You are off to a great start! I am just on the edge of diving into another purge. I am uncertain of the bottom, so I am little scared to jump. ; )

    1. Cute analogy! You only have to dip in your toes if you want. Our bottom is a lot further down but it includes many things my hubby wants to hold on to but never even touches or looks at LOL.


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