Friday, September 7, 2012

Week one September goals update

I give myself a B + for this past week as I did achieve a number of my goals but slipped on some others.

YES - Kick off the month by working all day at library book sale fundraiser & then go out to dinner for my birthday * By the way we made $4844 for the library by selling used books & media, book bags and asking for donations and dinner and the company of my Hubby were great *
YES - Tree care company can take over a big chunk of our pruning yard work burden 
PART WAY - Get bid on fixing shed  - we met with the contractor and discussed two options; waiting for bid 
YES - Learned I will have a consulting project this fall but the other one tentatively scheduled for December was postponed to 2013  * Some help for the savings account, but not as much as hoped *
ALMOST - Walk dog daily - missed one day
ALMOST - Exercise three times a week minimum - missed one day
YES - Decluttered not one, but two items daily! 
YES AND NO - Do not go out for coffee by myself – once by self & once with friend
YES - Weekly do volunteer work at library- actually did two days
PART WAY - Buy the items on Fall clothing purchase list – bought a wallet, cardigan and pullover; still need hiking shoes and a belt


Go to book club and have fun!
Follow up on bid to fix shed
Follow up on email re: chair repair
Walk dog daily
Exercise three times a week minimum
Declutter one item daily 
Do not go out for coffee by myself- possible social activity is going to art opening nearby
Do volunteer work at library
Finish cleaning basement (we did buy a new shop vac to make this easier!)
Buy remaining items on Fall clothing purchase list – hiking shoes and a belt


  1. What a great week! Well done!! :)

    1. Thanks. Your energy level is an inspiration.

  2. Thanks! I'm still surprised to see your new blog name and hot the old one LOL.


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