Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 4, Year 63 - No excitement and that is ok

I've been joking around and announcing the days of my 63rd year. I think Hubby found it funny the first time, cute the second and enough already by day 3. So my readers get it today!

So what was today about? Well we took the poodle on a very long walk last night as well as her walk in the morning so I am not taking her out in the wet streets this morning. I am going to do at least the following:
- laundry
- meet with the tree trimmer to get an estimate on yard work - he recommended an initial herbicide spraying and then two half days a year (Fall and Spring) and will email me the estimate - they always do a great job
- order another under cabinet kitchen light fixture as the 2nd one went out the same day the 1st replacement went in
- get a haircut
- view my new exercise DVD and hopefully doing it this afternoon - I'm starting in the morning and cutting back to doing it 2x a week to start as I don't want to be exhausted!
- catch up on paperwork including filling out forms for a genealogy workshop
- contact chair repairer to set date to get estimate - sent email
- try to do a bit of cleaning

Exciting huh? How are your plans or to do list for the day shaping up?


  1. My list for today includes a library run, sewing my orders, housework, menu planning, etc... Same old. ;)

    1. Days do seem like that. Mine also includes a lot of the same old stuff.

  2. Worked, dog got groomed, laundry is in the works, scheduled a hair appointment for moi and tonight I will cook with texturized vegetable protein for the first time. Fun times, fun times.


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