Friday, August 17, 2012

Spa day for the dog; Chore day for me

All it takes is a trip to Glamour Paws doggie spa to turn this furry creature

into this chic poodle! (Don't tell her, but she smells better too.)

I again decided to pay cash to support this small business instead of charging it. As always, I gave a large tip. The groomer she sees is so sweet and gentle with her. She and the other staff have made this shy, standoffish, previously abused dog want to go in the door and be greeted. That is priceless.  As a bonus they have a frequent buyer card and the next grooming will be free except for the tip of course.

I didn't get a spa day though - instead it was chore day. We are finally on the power companies variable rate plan as the new meter was installed yesterday. That means any optional use of electricity better not be during the high rate time of 2pm to 7pm weekdays. So laundry it is this morning.

I also decided to really inventory my clothing in preparation for day one of the simplifying challenge next week. I counted everything except underwear and jewelry (but included exercise clothes, shoes, purses, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, belts and sleepwear) - 132 items!  I know that isn't a lot compared to some people's wardrobes but I only want to keep what I wear and don't mind being seen wearing out and about. We'll see how many items I can part with on Monday.


  1. Oh my goodness! She is so cute. It makes my heart sing knowing you have given her such a loving home.

    1. Thanks - we love having her as part of our family. With us, and her foster family who still board her for us, she is a loving, playful, curious and energetic dog. She is wary of other people though she has developed more trust in humans generally lately.

  2. Awww, she is beautiful!! I'll have to show her to Mya again... She adores poodles!!! :) Good luck with your clothes...I need to do that again as well... Some are just too big and no matter how hard I try to "fatten up", it doesn't happen. :/

    1. Lola thanks you for the compliment and says Mya has good taste in dogs LOL!


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