Friday, August 31, 2012

September goals and plans

I want this to be a great month - fun, productive, social, and healthy.

Here's what is planned so far.

- Kick off the month by working all day at library book sale fundraiser & then go out to dinner for my birthday
- 1st week: Find out if tree care company can take over a big chunk of our pruning yard work burden; get bid on fixing shed
- 2nd week: Learn if I have a consulting project this fall; go to book club and have fun!
- 3rd week: Attend free concert; travel to NH with Hubby to visit Mom, brother and sister in law
- 4th week: Attend genealogy forum; prepare for 10/1 board meeting

In addition I have these goals starting September 2nd:

- Daily walk dog
- Exercise 5 times a week with DVD program or trainer
- Daily declutter one item
- Do not go out for coffee by myself - take a walk or do something else instead
- Weekly do volunteer work at library
- Finish cleaning basement
- Take antique chair to repairer
- Go on several 3+ mile walks by self and/or a group hike
- Buy the items on Fall clothing purchase list
- Have dinner or go to cocktails in the garden with friends

Do you have goals for the coming month?


  1. Love reading your goals, they're always so positive! :) I'm still polishing up my goals for this month... Will post tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Carla. That is a sweet compliment.

  3. Hi, thanks for linking up to my blog at Sightingsat60. I, too, have worked for my local library book sale -- it's lots of fun; you feel like you're doing something useful; you make some friends. Just watch out for all the dust and mildew!

    I support all your Sept. goals -- altho' I myself LIKE to sometimes go out for coffee by myself. Relax, read a book, enjoy the morning solitude.

    Now . . . I've got to go develop some Sept. goals for myself!

    1. Thanks Tom. I like your blog. I am trying to be more social so that is why the goal of not going out for coffee by myself - I like it too much!


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