Sunday, June 3, 2012

This week's mini-goals

Setting weekly goals is really working for me so I am going to bore you with them at least one more week!  It's just me and the pooch for the first three days of the week as hubby is out of town on business.  I think we girls will take it rather easy.

- Sort more donated books
- Set agenda and handouts for board meeting

- Daily physical therapy exercises - M,W,F,S 
- Walk dog daily unless it rains -M,W,F,S
- Pilates session

Home Chores:
- More yard work
- Work on getting green stain out of bathroom floor grout - It didn't work; re-grouting or living with it are our choices

- No dinners out
- Research whether to move any money to maximize pitiful returns - don't see any way to improve

Fun: Hubby is sick and I am probably coming down with it so we didn't do either one.
Go to art opening
- Neighborhood picnic


  1. Great goals goodluck with them.
    How wonderful to have a few days all to yourself...


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