Friday, June 29, 2012

Interesting Links

Here's some weekend reading for you.

The Financial Diet - This describes exactly the approach I have been taking.

Are you trying to reduce your footprint?  Check out Change the World Wednesdays for their weekly challenge and comments from people around the world on their successes and challenges.  The global perspective makes this particularly interesting to me.
  • This week's challenge: This week we're going to track the driving trips which WE DON'T TAKE. Yep ... for every time that you walk, ride a bike or simply choose not to make a trip, keep track of it (you can download an Excel tracking chart HERE). At the end of the week, please come back and share how many miles you didn't drive (and money saved, etc, if you also track that information). We'd also like to hear about your strategy for meeting this challenge. This is based on an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled The Road Not Taken May Be a Key to Driving Less
Are you spending money where you don't want to? over at the Non-Consumer Advocate raises some interesting questions.  My answer is similar to hers - cable tv and house and yard that are costly to maintain even when nothing major goes wrong.  Then there is the cost of dog grooming and my haircuts which I can understand from the perspective that the service provider has to earn a living but it still bugs me.

Real Simple has some recipes that look good - Easy Mexican Recipes


  1. I wish I could drive less and walk to places I need to go more. We live in a small town, a suburb of a medium sized city. I could bike if I wanted to take my life in my hands - have never been a confident bike rider on busy roads. What I do do is group my errands together to save trips into town. I visit and elderly woman on Mondays and do errands afterwards.

    Dog grooming is VERY expensive. I used to get my Yorkies cut every 4 or 5 weeks. Now I have them done every 9 weeks and bathe and trim them myself in between appointments. One great thing about my groomer is she is mobile. She has a nice little van where she grooms the dogs and she doesn't charge any more than the woman I was going to 10 miles away. So I save on gas and on wear and tear.

    Off to check out the Mexican recipes!
    Happy Friday. Try to stay cool!

    1. I fully understand not feeling confident riding a bike on busy roads. Grouping errands makes the most sense. I didn't realize Yorkies had to be groomed too. We are trying to go at least 8 weeks between dog grooming sessions but that is easier in colder weather. We bathe, comb and do minor trims in between as well.


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