Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mission accomplished & fun was had

Home and tired after a long weekend helping our son pack and repaint his apartment.  We helped pack up his study and most of the kitchen stuff along with various winter coats and miscellany.  Hubby and he repainted the walls that they had painted lovely colors so he wouldn't have to pay for the priming work.  Got him within sight of the finish line of getting ready to move but we are both pretty tired.  We need to be more physically active regularly I think LOL.

The dog was very happy to see us but obviously had a fun time at the sitter.  She came home dirty (rolling in the dirt outside we were told) and exhausted from playing with her dog and cat friends.  First things first so we gave her a bath before we even had dinner.

On the fun side - a minor league baseball game ("Go Travs!"), lunch and dinners out, the first hot dog I have eaten in a decade plus with a chocolate ice cream chaser at the baseball game, nature trail walk with his dog and just generally getting a good dose of time with him.  And he appreciated his "birthday present" of boxes, paint, etc. from Home Depot and lots of food.  We won't see him again until mid-summer in CA so this was precious time.

Can't think of a better thing to spend our money on that visits to and fun with loved ones!


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I know your puppy was glad to have you back home!!

    1. Debby, It was great - always enjoy time with either of our sons even if we are working hard. The pup is glad to have us back and also somewhat bored without her playmates.


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